Classic Movies in Today’s Theaters? Yes, Please!

This year, Turner Classic Movies, a unit of Time Warner (which encompasses Warner Brothers Pictures), presented a one-day-only limited US showing and subsequent encore of the iconic 1942 Warner Brothers motion picture that further pushed names such as Bogart, Bergman, Rains and Lorre to movie icon status: CASABLANCA.

Twice I found out about this on the official Humphrey Bogart Estate Facebook page, and twice I bought my tickets and went. I never thought I’d experience something like this in my lifetime. Compared to my past experiences going to the movies, I have to say it was a real-life peek into the past and a crash course in movie viewing etiquette minus the fancy clothes. The theater was packed both times I went. Ages ranged from 6 to 96. The younger people really enjoyed the experience, and those young at heart, enjoyed it even more. People were quiet and respectful during the picture, although you could hear enthusiasts quietly murmur the dialogue word for word, line by line. There was absolutely no talking except when laughter or anger was appropriate, no cell phones and electronics went off, and if someone did make a peep, you heard hushed threats including, “Quiet,” “Shut up,” and the like.

It was fantastic. Studios need to take notice of something.

People are sick and tired of the remakes, reboots, or whatever the buzzword of the day is. Many films released today should never have been made. Pick one.

If studios want to make some EASY money, go in the vault, pull the original reels/masters/tapes/files, remaster them, and show them! No production costs, no ‘actor’ salaries that look like a phone number with an area code, and best part of all, digital distribution costs them nothing.

This could even be done with classic TV shows……by the way, the Met does this now since many PBS stations don’t want to……with raving success.

So, when’s the next classic coming to my local theater? Warner Brothers? Columbia? RKO? Sony? 20th Century Fox? Universal? Are you listening?

Classic Movies in Today's Theaters? Yes, Please!

Classic Movies in Today’s Theaters? Yes, Please!

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