Classic Movies of the 80’s

There have been many classic movies in the years that have gone by, but the 80’s has got to be an era when the greatest movies of all time were produced. From humour to horror you have to admit the 1980’s has produced some very memorable editions to the movie industry.

– A Nightmare On Elmstreet (1984) –

Although somewhat a predictable horror, the Nightmare On Elmstreet series really is a classic set of films. Based on a group of teenagers who have nightmares of a scarred, razor hand clad man, who comes to them in their dreams, makes this a classic horror that is difficult to forget in a hurry. The nightmares become a reality and it’s up to the teenagers to get rid of the classic Freddie Kruger character. The character who Robert Englund plays was like none other before the making of this movie.

– The Abyss (1989) –

A team is sent to investigate a military submarine that has mysterious burned up in the ocean. They soon discover that strange alien activity is happening on board. The film is based on how the team try and make it above sea level before they are overtaken by the weird force. The movie has excellent sound effects, a good story line, and is filled with great actors.

– The Goonies (1985) –

Classic movies of the 80’s can’t go by without mentioning this . The Goonies is based on the characters trying to find a lost pirate treasure. The kids head out with a map and a key to find the treasure of the pirate. It goes without saying that much adventures happen along the way.

– Ghostbusters (1984) –

I remember this as being a fun movie to watch at the time, and it seems it can still be fun to watch today, as the story line, and classic characters never seem to go out of fashion. A team of scientist going around getting rid of ghosts is the theme of this all time classic.

This is just a few of my favorite movies from the 80’s era. Of course, there are much more movies to choose from as this was a classic year for film making. Whether you like horror, science fiction, comedy, or some other type of film, the 80’s provided a variety entertainment in the way of movies.

Classic Movies of the 80's

Classic Movies of the 80’s

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