Scrooge is a Classic Movie

Most consumer movie reviews focus on the big blockbusters of the day, but there is not enough time spent on reviewing the classic movies from days gone by. There are certainly not enough movie reviews on the classic holiday movies that many generations have grown up with. One of the universally recognized classic holiday films of all time is the 1951 adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic A Christmas Carol, simply titled Scrooge. Many people make the mistake of applying the title A Christmas Carol to this black and white cinema classic, but the proper title is Scrooge and it stands as a fine movie any time of the year.

What makes this version of the classic Christmas story stand out is the performance of the lead actor, Alastair Sim. Sim’s seamless transition from miserable old man in the beginning of the movie to a joyous saved soul makes the story very believable and easy to watch. Under the direction of Brian Desmond Hurst, Sim and the rest of the cast pull off their performances with precision and allow the screenplay to move forward without effort.

The scene with Marley’s ghost is often pointed to as one of the more entertaining scenes in all of British cinema, and Sim’s restrained yet energetic performance to close out the movie is a pleasure to watch. Scrooge tells the story without trying to add too much and it stays faithful to Dickens’ original transcript on many ways. Scrooge is a very entertaining movie that can be enjoyed any time of year and by any group of people.

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