What's Your Favorite Scary Movie? A look at the Scream Series

What frightens you more: A nightmare with a flesh burned man in a striped sweater or a serial killer with a knife wearing a ghost face mask? You can decide for yourself, but for many, nothing has been more horrifying, more chilling, and realistic, than being stalked by a killer in a ghost face mask in the horror movie hit Scream.

Although both Freddy Kruger and Ghostface were created by notorious slasher-film director, Wes Craven, Ghostface has presumed popularity in the scary movie genre due to Scream’s critically acclaimed success. Since the release of Scream in 1996, Scream 2 in 1997, and Scream 3 in 2000, the Scream trilogy has grossed over three-hundred million dollars. The numbers aren't the only proof that Scream is a box-office triumph; Scream changed the “rules” of the scary movie genre causing even more positive critical response.

Unlike the traditional scary movies, Scream created new rules for surviving: Don’t have sex, never say “I’ll be right back”, never ask “Who’s there?”, and finally, never investigate a strange noise. All of these rules clashed with the conventional horror films, Friday the 13th, Psycho, and Nightmare on Elm Street. 

Scream 2 changed the guidelines even more with the new rules of a horror movie sequel: expect the body count to be bigger, anticipate the murder scenes to be more bloody and elaborate, and never assume the killer is dead. But with the release of Scream 3, the rules changed once again and the audience learned that all bets are off in a trilogy. These rules altered scary movies and Scream created its own category in the horror genre.

So what are the rules in the fourth installment of the Scream series? Slasher-film fans will find out this Friday, April 15th when Ghostface returns to Woodsboro ten years later. Ghostface isn't the only one returning however. The original cast members Neve Campbell, David Arquette, and Courteney Cox will also enter the wrath of the serial killer once again.

Campbell's character, Sydney Prescott, returns to Woodsboro for the last stop on her book tour for her new self-help book. There she is reunited with Sheriff Dewey (Arquette) and Gayle Weathers (Cox). Alongside the initial cast members are fresh Hollywood actors Emma Roberts, who plays Sydney's cousin, Hayden Panettiere, and Rory Culkin.

With a mix of new and old castmates, it is hard to decipher who the new Ghostface will be and what his/her motive is. However, Wes Craven is sure to bring his audience to screams with a new set of rules in Scream 4.

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