Why TV Loses The Battle With Online Streaming

Yes, our parents still watch TV and they are really fond of it, but the younger generation found new ways to share information, two ways of communicating in which they create and share with others, but also see other’s creations in real-time. Today, it is possible to make money from streaming videos online, as an alternative to the traditional one-way television.

Why Should You Consider A Streaming Service

You don’t have to be a reporter to have valuable information to share. Today, even local news can become viral, and if you are passionate about videos, you should make money from your passion. You will need some basic web design knowledge and to know some things about how web hosting works. Once you know those, it will be easy to make your website and to host your own television or channel online.

Moreover, you can add torrent facilities to your website and share information using . This is what annoys the big TV giants the most, as it is hard to control and it costs them billions every year.

But the people using these services are happy with their comfortable way of accessing something that they could never afford, and the corporations will survive anyway.

These services help millions of people to the detriment of a few corporations, so it is somehow justified.

If you want to host such a website online and to share videos you make or find on the Internet with others, you can use a simple platform such as WordPress and a reliable hosting company for building your website.

Do I need to pay a lot?

Videos occupy a lot of hard disk space, and they also make the code in a webpage ‘heavy.’ This means you will need a sleek WP theme and a reliable hosting package from the start, to make sure you are giving your visitors a pleasant navigating experience on your website.

You might not be happy with the simple shared hosting package, even if you buy it from a reputable company.

There are ways to stream videos from other major streaming platforms such as YouTube, and this is an easy way to start your streaming website with a shared hosting package.

As soon as you start making money from the website, you can think of improving your hosting package to a VPS or even private server, so you can start hosting your own videos and creations online.

A reliable video streaming site is managed through c-panel, even if this means you need to read about it and understand how it works. Also, the hosting company must have reliable support, as you will definitely need them, especially while your traffic will grow.

Video websites can be unstable at the start, mainly because growing traffic means growing server capacities required. It is why the hosting service must give you a reliable solution from the beginning, and the option to upgrade your package with a better one when required.


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